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Are you looking for a good furniture manufacturer in Chennai? Sharon Furniture has everything you need! Our furniture is dynamic and affordable. With years of experience and customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing the best furniture for your home. Whether you need furniture for your school, work, baby’s room, or house, Sharon Furniture has what you need.

History and Background of Sharon Furniture

Established in 1985, Sharon Furniture is a renowned name in the manufacturing industry. Founded by Mr. S.C. Moses, the company began as a small venture with very limited sources, but with his vision and hard work, it has now grown into a leading manufacturer of high-quality furniture in Chennai.

With exceptional craftsmanship and limited resources, Sharon Furniture has earned an excellent reputation among customers across various sectors- from schools and colleges to offices and homes. The company uses premium raw materials only to make its products. Our motto is to deliver quality products only. This assurance of quality has empowered us to deliver furniture that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, Sharon Furniture also prides itself on being environmentally conscious – we use eco-friendly materials wherever possible and follow sustainable practices during production.

Sharon Furniture continues to set new benchmarks of excellence in Chennai’s furniture manufacturing industry with its rich history and unwavering commitment to producing quality furniture while maintaining ethical standards.

Quality of Products

Sharon Furniture prides itself on producing high-quality, durable furniture for the school, college, nursery, home and youth hostel. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of products. Our team of expert craftsmen uses only the best materials from trustworthy suppliers to create elegant furniture.

To ensure that every piece meets its challenging standards, we prepare multiple quality checks at every stage. To ensure you get only the best, even the smallest details are checked, such as the stitching on the upholstery or the smoothness of the woodwork. To ensure precision and consistency in the manufacturing process, we use modern technology and advanced machinery. To give customers confidence in the quality and reliability of our furniture, every piece of furniture meets industry standards and is certified.

Sharon Furniture ensures that all its products are designed with maximum comfort, durability, and style in mind. We understand the importance of investing in quality furniture. So if you’re looking for the best home furniture manufacturer in Chennai, you are in the right place. We deliver excellence in every piece. Let us see in detail a few diverse ranges of products offered by Sharon Furniture.

  • Hostel Furniture: Sharon Furniture is the best hostel furniture manufacturer in Chennai. We craft furniture specially designed for hostels. We have everything you need to create a comfortable and functional living space for hostel residents, from sturdy beds and comfortable mattresses to spacious wardrobes and study desks.
  • Office Furniture: Create a productive and professional working environment with furniture from the best office furniture manufacturer in Chennai. Every piece is designed to increase productivity and create a comfortable working environment. From ergonomic chairs and spacious desks to storage cabinets and conference tables, we provide all the furniture that meets the unique needs of your office.
  • Play School Furniture: Nurture young minds with Sharon’s vibrant, child-friendly furniture. We have a deep understanding of the importance of a safe and stimulating environment for children. We encourage learning, creativity and imagination with their collection of colourful tables, chairs, shelving and play equipment.
  • School and College Furniture: Sharon Furniture specializes in furnishing all educational institutions. For classrooms, libraries, and common areas, we provide durable and functional furniture. To create the best possible learning environment for the young generation, we have a wide range of furniture which includes sturdy desks, chairs, bookcases, and storage solutions.
  • School and College Lab Furniture: Use Sharon’s specialist laboratory furniture to equip your science labs and research facilities. To ensure a safe and efficient working environment for students and researchers, we offer sturdy laboratory benches, chemical-resistant worktops, storage cabinets, and ergonomic chairs. We are the best school and college lab furniture manufacturers in Chennai.
  • Home Furniture: Make your home warm and inviting with our range of stylish, comfortable furniture. From cosy sofas and elegant dining sets to functional bedroom furniture and decorative accents, we have everything you need to make your home a haven of comfort and style. Our wide range of furniture will meet your needs and exceed your expectations, whether it’s for hostels, offices, schools, universities, or your own home.

Customer Service and Support

Sharon Furniture believes in serving the customer first. We are well aware of how important it is to provide an excellent level of customer service and support. We have a team of specialists dedicated to helping with all your questions and concerns before, during and after your purchase. From choosing a product to ensuring it is delivered and installed on time, we are there every step of the way. From product selection to on-time delivery and installation, our team of experts will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have and ensure your experience is as seamless as possible. Our vow to quality and remarkable customer service has been recognized by our happy clients. Here are just a few of the testimonials from our valued customers:

• Sharon Furniture has been our trusted furniture manufacturer for many years now. Their attention to detail and workmanship are excellent. Their customer service is exceptional and they always go the extra mile for us. – Rajesh, Chennai

• – I recently purchased some office furniture from Sharon Furniture and I’m extremely pleased with the quality and service I received. The result exceeded our expectations and the team guided me in choosing the perfect pieces for our workspace. Highly recommended!” – Deepika, Chennai

Advantages of Choosing Sharon Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home or institution, the durability of products plays an important role. This is where you can trust Sharon Furniture. 

Choosing Sharon Furniture as your trusted furniture manufacturer in Chennai has many advantages. Here are the key benefits that set us apart from our competitors: 

  1. Uncompromising Quality: We commit to delivering quality only. Each product is crafted from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen, with meticulous attention to detail at every step of the manufacturing process. You can rest assured that you are investing in a durable and beautiful piece of furniture with Sharon Furniture.
  1. Customization Options: We understand that every customer is unique and has different choices. That is why we offer a customization process to tailor to the needs of our customers. From design to choosing materials and finishes, we work closely to create furniture that reflects your vision and style.
  1. Extensive Product Range: From offices, playschools, colleges, and schools, Sharon Furniture has a wide range of options to fulfill your needs. With a wide range of designs, styles and functionalities, our extensive catalogue allows you to find the perfect pieces for your space and purpose.
  1. Exceptional customer service: We offer exceptional customer service at every stage of the buying process. We can help you choose the right furniture with a team of knowledgeable experts. We ensure that all your queries are addressed properly and promptly.
  1. Competitive Pricing: Quality furniture should be accessible and affordable, that’s the main motto of Sharon Furniture. We strive to keep our prices competitive without compromising on the quality we offer. When you choose Sharon Furniture, you will find the perfect balance between craftsmanship and value for money.
  1. Timely delivery: We make it a priority to ensure that your furniture arrives on time because we understand the importance of timely delivery. We deliver your furniture quickly and efficiently to save you unnecessary delays and disruption. 
  1. Trusted Reputation: Sharon Furniture has built a trusted reputation in Chennai with years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our satisfied clients, positive testimonials, and repeat business. You can be confident in our expertise and reliability when you choose us.

When you pick Sharon Furniture, you are investing in high-quality, personalized furniture. You will benefit from our craftsmanship, our wide range, our exceptional service and our competitive prices. Transform your space with furniture that combines functionality, beauty and durability. Choose Sharon Furniture and discover why we are the preferred Chennai furniture manufacturer.


In conclusion, when it comes to furniture manufacturing in Chennai, Sharon Furniture is the best option for quality furniture that’s custom-made just for you. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality, widest selection, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and timely delivery.

You know you’re getting furniture that’s built to last, beautifully finished and designed to your exact specifications when you choose Sharon Furniture.Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect piece of furniture for any room.

We strive for excellence and are proud of the reputation we have built for quality, service, and value. At Sharon Furniture, you can transform your space with furniture that not only looks good but functions well. Not only will you have an exceptional piece of furniture, but you will also be contributing to the growth of the local community through the support of a local business like Sharon Furniture. So why wait any longer? Get in touch with us today and see for yourself the difference they make. Let us create furniture that will bring comfort, style, and functionality to your space.

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